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  1. thanks for your interest no need to be shocked all unmeasured: my vista computer runs faster with v5 than v8 eset v5 interface responds faster bought multiple licences so can also run v5 on a Win2000, mostly offline, notebook. Eset unpacks more files on this, ie fewer blue NSIS archive damaged messages with W2000 than with my vista computer. from my memory there is an extra option in v5 firewall than in v8, ie full automatic mode remains an option even after setting your own rules in v5, but i'm not reinstalling v8 to find out. i run regular scans, but if I am jeopardizing my security with v5 i would be happy if someone would tell me why. i hope this feedback helps. kr
  2. SVChost keeps talking when I don't want it too: slows the computer, or uses up bandwidth or datavolume. When I blocked all SVCHost nothing worked so I have to do it site by site. I heard SVCHost described as a taxi, lots of progs take it to get onto the internet. Here's a video of how I do it. Repeat about 100 times over the next few months. Wish there was a way I could transfer my, now large, Firewall rules file to other computers. Look forward to hearing if there is an easier way to do this. If the vid doesn't run on yours, unfortunately the avi is a bit too big. Anyone know a different translation prog, I use VLC? taking control of svchost.mp4 Kr
  3. Here is some of the thread I have had with your company on a similar problem to this. -------------------------------------------- ESET June 2016: Yes it could be due to the difference between Win2000 and Win Vista as Microsoft imposed more stringent file checks within the OS that were not present in Win2000 so this could explain the issue ----------------------------- Me: June 2016, It is the difference between Win2000 and Win Vista. The file below could not be scanned in ESET version 8. With ESET version 5 in Vista the file also cannot be scanned, whereas with v5 in Win2000 it can be. So it looks like v5 and v8 have a problem with Vista, either my setup or generally, I do not know. ----------------------------------- Me, Dec 2015: When I scan the same exe file with Vista: ESET Version 8.0.319.0 I get NSIS - archive damaged When I scan the same exe file with Win 2000: ESET Version of scanned objects: 441 Number of threats found: 0 Time of completion: 17:52:32 Total scanning time: 98 sec (00:01:38) So V8 is not scanning inside the NSIS archive but V5 is. I have tried setting it up similar to V5 with no luck. How can I set up V8 to do the scan or is it a bug? If you can help, thanks. Kind regards
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