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  1. Sorry for the error message in German. I can only translate everything with Google. How to convert Windows to English is what I came up with. How do I do this with Eset error messages ... can I change the locale to English as well? A big disadvantage for me is that there is no German forum at Eset. Others can do that better. Thanks for the answers ☺️
  2. Hello,☺️ Media Creation Tool 1809 Problems with Eset. Is there a different way than switching off Eset?
  3. Solution found. Certificate of Firefox exported and to Thunderbird imported
  4. Sorry, how does it work? I have no experience with certificates. Where can I find the certificate in Eset. Where in Thunderbird it should be imported. Greeting s-p-s
  5. Hi, I have problems with Eset Smart Security and Thunderbird Portable. Certificates problem, see picture. With uninstalled Eset everything is OK
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