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  1. Hi, We are using Add Subject Prefix for every incoming e-mail (Adding "[EXTERNAL]" prefix, We have noticed that on e-mails with "long" subject, Not clear why on some e-mails it happens, some it doesnt: example (Also as seen on the client): With the Problem: [EXTERNAL] Bea Alonso Takes the Lead of Dale t’s Global Product Marketing Group Without the Problem: [EXTERNAL] BT Sport and Samsung kick-off 8K sports broadcasting in the UK Any Ideas?
  2. Hello, I am trying to set a Rule where whenever the Message Headers Contains / Contains One Of and the Parameter is "X_SF_SPAM" Eset will add a subject prefix. Looking on the plain e-mail that i get: X_SF_RX_Return_Path: <LowBackPain@savetrack.us> X_SF_HELO_Domain: 05741b5c.savetrack.us X_SF_Originating_IP: X_SF_OriginatingCountry: US X_Rejection_Reason: 3 - 557 Your IP does not have a reverse DNS entry. X_SF_SPAM: Y But I cant make it work (I tried also X_SF_SPAM: Y didnt helped much) Any Ideas?
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