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  1. FYI We have just uninstall 2051 and installed 2057 for one of our clients as a test and they still have the same issue in that obvious junk emails are moved from the Junk Email folder into the Inbox, Again only way to fix it is to turn off the Anti Spam protection in ESET. Cant believe this is still broken. Maybe its time to look for an alternative product as ESET don't seem to be taking this pretty dangerous flaw as seriously as the end users are.
  2. Hi Marcos, Sorry to disagree but moving emails from the Junk Email folder back into the inbox and in plain view of the client is a big danger in my eyes, especially when in my instance Microsofts 365 Cloud service has already marked these emails as suspicious and put them in the junk folder for that reason. And in another example the client has for a whatever reason blocked certain senders and your plugin is taking those blocked emails and putting then back in the inbox. So I would see this as a big danger and i am quite surprised that for a company who's whole product base is about security and making customers more secure cant see that also. Again just my thoughts and I hope to see the fix soon as at the moment we have what I think is a major component of Endpoint Security disabled.
  3. Hi, Is there any news on a fix for this as we have a client that is having the exact issue as above. They are running Endpoint Security V 9.1.2051.0 with outlook version 365. Emails that are already classified as spam buy Microsoft and or the users block list are being moved from the junk email folder and put back in the inbox, they are then sometimes duplicated in the inbox up to 4 times and then but not always eventually moved back to junk. This is obviously a huge security risk especially if the user has blocked the sender. In testing it is 100% the anti spam feature in V 9.1.2051.0 because if you turn it off the issue goes away. Many thanks
  4. Hi, We are about to renew for another year for our 11 windows PC's When we have done this in the past we where on version 5 which uses a user name and password so when we renewed no changes where needed to the V5 on the pc's When we upgraded to 6 we used the activation key, so after we renew do we have to reactivate again each station or will the renew for another automatically like V5 did ? Regards and thanks for your time
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