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  1. Hi after a reboot i cant access or update my nod32 anymore its asking for a password to enter settings and its saying not activated im a beta tester im on the latest version the main window says in green you are protected and then this product is not activated and you are not protected do i have to reinstall it again or is there any way to fix this because i didnt set any password for it anywhere i dunno why is it asking me for one Regards
  2. Hi im using 8.0.319.0 on xp pro sp3 and im having the same issue ekrn.exe is using from 600mb to 1300mb ram after i reboot goes back to normal but as i keep my laptop on 24/7 after 1 or 2 days goes back to high memory usage and u all know xp only recognozes 2.93gb of my 8gb of ram so the os becomes slow as hell impossible even to open a browser
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