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  1. I know, but for XP dont exist a 10th version of NOD32 ! I just rebooted my computer and everything look ok. But i'm surprised that ESET don't talk about this new version !
  2. Hello, I cant find this new version of NOD32 that it propose to install on my computer ?
  3. I talked some months ago about that kind of message who was not clear, because they announced all the time that was not allowed... But the information was created in regedit ! So something unlogical ! But that appear only, i think, in french ! So its easy for you to check the translation inside the code between operation allowed and unallowed, if the translation is the same or if it is different !
  4. Hello, just to say, after many tests... That the translation is incorrect in the balloon info ! You translated "allowed"(authorized) and "unallowed"(unauthorized) with the same words = L'opération "n'a pas été autorisée" Allowed(authorized) = "est autorisée" or "a été autorisée" Unallowed(unauthorized) = "n'est pas autorisée" or "n'a pas été autorisée" So, all information we get in the balloons are always with the same message, even if it is allowed or not !
  5. And about allowed or not allowed... I have nothing about ACDSee Pro 3 in this regedit adress [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1078081533-117609710-725345543-1003\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
  6. Nod32 block or modify some windows system files ? This file: "MediaInfo_InfoTip.dll" is blocked by NOD32 ? Something exist between NOD32 and "regsvr32.exe" ?
  7. Another thing totaly unlogical: For the same action... First window say that is Unallowed Second window say that is Allowed
  8. im realy sade now... I used "MediaInfo" who give me info about all multimedia files, you juste put your mouse on a file, like a video, and you get all the info about this file ! Now, i uninstal the old version and install the new one, i cant get the "pop windows" with the info, like before ! But the link between files type and this software exist but not all functionalities work ! So, i have the impression, that NOD32 come after everything is install on a computer and close all with is key ! If something was installed before, it will work, but if you change something, NOD32 will block the new install or maybe even an upgrade ! What can i do now ?
  9. Now, still in V9, if i check for an update, the V10 not appear anymore ! You change something about the V10 ?
  10. Ok, but i read something from an ESET message, about XP and NOD32 V10, and the message said, V10 will be not compatible with Windows XP ? So it's ok, i can install it ?
  11. Hello, im surprised... Because on my windows XP, NOD32 propose to me the Version 10, but on m'y W7 and W8.1, NOD32 said "V9 is the last version" ??? NOD32 on Windows XP NOD32 on Windows 7
  12. A have messages, sometime about "Startup parameters" about some software not allowed to change, like that
  13. Hello.... With NOD32 we have HIPS... Sounds good, but what is inside the list of "not allowed applications" ?
  14. With the version 1254 of the internet module, the problem look like fixed !!!
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