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  1. Hi Forum, actually we are testing the ERA v6 virtual appliance von VMware vSphere. I have created the VM with the OVA-File and did some configurations, add computers and server. I successfully deployed the ERA-Agents and the Endpoint AV to my pc's and server. So, now I would upgrade my complete ERA appliance from server version 6.2.200, agent version 6.2.200 and rogue detection version 1.0.880.0 to the newest version. I followed the steps in the faqs doing it with the component upgrade task, but the result is a non booting ERA appliance. So I returned to the snapshot I took before and started the upgrade task again. Now the ERA appliance comes up after a manually reboot with agent version, but server version and rogue detection version has not changed. After log on to the Web Console I'm not able to see the client and server task anymore. Also I can't create new tasks. So what can I do? Is it not possible to upgrade the ERA virtual appliance to the new version? Best regards, Christian Kühleis
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