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  1. Hello, I have been having an annoyance with a popup recently to a website called "aftomedia". I've tried scanning multiple times and I've tried downloading malwarebytes to find it to no avail. The urls are always a little different, here are two examples: (I don't know how the website works so ill remove the protocol and the period before com) yvr.aftomedia com/afm/mF3fGd?site=imgur.com&crid=842&sourceid=adtech&xwsid=9432-194735&auction_price=0.148&lat=0.0&lon=0.0&udid=&cb=6822955 yvr.aftomedia.com/afm/mF3fGd?site=imgur.com&crid=842&sourceid=adtech&xwsid=9432-194735&auction_price=0.148&lat=0.0&lon=0.0&udid=&cb=31093671 But the IP remains the same I saw there was a post on here where someone was given a specialized removal software from the IP and I hope someone has one here. Please help me figure out how to remove this adware
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