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  1. Automatic Rule Consolidation Automatically consolidate / composite rules which offer the same allow permissions but for different files, paths, functions, etc. Each executable should fit into ONE rule per allow / deny type. This would make users MUCH safer by actually being able to audit their HIDS and Firewall rules. If a DENY rule negates an ALLOW rule, disable / delete the ALLOW. Allow users to see how rules are going to be composited and allow them the option to keep individual rules This would prevent having 1000+ rules are 1 week of learning mode. Some of my install exe's have literally
  2. Please consider developing the following for ESET: Automatic Rule ConsolidationE.g. if I already have a rule to allow notepad.exe allow to run and one to allow writing to a directory, combine them. I currently had to write a script to do this in an exported XML ruleset. Please, this would avoid having 1000+ rules after doing learning mode for a week! It would also be MUCH safer as people would be able to actually audit their rulesets. Rule SortingThe column headers don't seem to do anything
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