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  1. Marcos, this computer does have internet! So what write about offline license? With help of ESET support activation was made after doing additional steps on server besides adding license key. Oh, and I installed File Security on Linux server and tried to test if viruses are detected thru samba, and eset didn't detect any. Yes, I configured samba as suggested with LD_PRELOAD.
  2. I can't communicate with one, which thinks nobody uses Windows XP, even in a joke way. We have even Windows 2000 for legacy software tied to machines. And I did list my issues in my posts. Please read them. Ok, I've got contacted by ESET support for our region to resolve the problems. First, licensing. Its a mess. Why so much trouble? Why computer needs internet to be able to activate when there is a centralised administration? Ok, offline activation file thru server. Why so much steps to have a simple activation? There is the license number, or the license file uploaded to server
  3. Hello. Agent is Deployied and running. Using ERA ESET Antivirus was deployied to client. But the product does not activate using ERA and therefore does not update. Sinchronization is done as settings in ESET Antivirus are configured using policy and password protected. Attached are the files in Logs folder of agent. In the ERA running install license tag fails for this client. The Trace Message it shows is 'Task failed in the security product'. ESET Antivirus says: ESET Kernel;Activation was not successful: Could not reach activation server.; Activation server? Isn't it the sam
  4. Why should I use my own certificate? We have a self signed certificate for our products. But I asked about including in your products signed by authorised companyes certificates which are recognised by browsers, or don't use certificates at all. Why should we buy SCCM with windows server to do this? GPO is not oportune for unattended windows install. What are the system requirements for a push install? Send it to administrative share with administrator login and run it using documented possibilities. The your setup, as a standart windows msi setup, should determine if system meets minimal r
  5. Well, we didn't use ESET before. So I use v6 from start. I am not familiar with v5 at all. I could agree with you if this were an opensource freeware product. In such software, indeed, each one should test, test and test. But we've selected the ESET based on the presentation on the site and buyied it. We espect it will work as it should without any development from us. Look at this like you buy a tv-set. Your walk into store and see different tv. You look at specifications and choose what suits you better and buy it. But, at home you have to develop some interfaces, you have to construct
  6. Well, asking a refund is not an option, as the procedure is not very simple for commercial companies in our country, especially when here is no direct representatives, only dillers. I've thought about version 5, but as I mentioned - the biggest advantages I've seen is not paying microsoft for the Windows Server to run administrativ console. Kaspersky won't move to linux. Also I hope ESET will start using an opensource Postgres as an alternative for MSSQL (which have to be buyied with Windows Server just for protection against viruses on windowses?)
  7. Hello. Recently our company purchased bussines licence for ESET Antovirus. Before this purchase, we had using for a long time Kaspersky Antivirus for Bussines. We was impressed by ESET because the Administration Server can run on Linux (no need for a Windows License), uses a opensource DB and also client antivirus software does not consume lot of processing power. Compared to Kasperksy, whose Admin Console is only for Windows and Remote Management Console is also only for Windows. But I want to say that after key delivery we was very dissapointed of lot things that does not correct
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