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  1. Arakasi, thanks for the clarification (and your time). I'm confused by one thing. I get that it's still being scanned, but how can I see it if Thunderbird's GUI is incompatible?
  2. SweX, don't tease the man! He's saved my butt more than once and might even be nice, although I bet they all make fun of our stupidity during their water-cooler moments. I'm a compulsive self-help lurker, albeit new to this new interface. Oh, re: Which email clients are compatible with Windows ESET products - hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2138 What's up with Mozilla Thunderbird? Is that getting fixed? That's slightly disconcerting - is Mozilla taking care of itself, or will they truly be incompatible? You can't be planning on losing all your T-Bird users!
  3. SweX, thanks for expanding on your answer. I don't so much enjoy email clients as I'm used to them and hence comfortable after an uneventful decade. But I'd hate to have my happy-go-lucky complacency shattered in retrospect by a one-way firewall I was fully aware of. It's like that Steve Martin routine: "I forgot that armed robbery was against the law". Here's my problem. How much added risk am I exposing myself to by not monitoring outbound traffic? Marcos, again thank you for your valuable time as well as the inside track on upcoming protection mechanisms in ESET Smart Security. A gentleman who posted immediately below you suggested enabling SSL-scanning for email and http. Would you agree? User, thanks for jumping in with a concrete idea. I appreciate your suggestion and am researching it as we speak (type?).
  4. Marcos, thanks for the swift attention. Kudos on your customer service. I'm relying on Windows 7 mono-directional firewall and wondering in that's leaving me susceptible to malicious software. In addition to 64 bit OS Win7, I run Malwarebytes Premium and NOD32 24/7 and HitmanPro electively. The computer, i7 CPU, 950 @ 3.07GHz w/ 12GB Corsair, it was built in January 2010 and was pretty snappy 4 1/2 years ago. SweX, likewise, thanks for your attention. If I understand you, it's time to upgrade to v7. Yes? Given the firewall issue, do you think I'm OK, or is it time to protect my outgoing data w/ SMART SECURITY or compatible firewall? Oh, for anyone, I use my ISP's SMPT & POP mail-server (T.W. RoadRunner) via MS Outlook. Compared to a webmail acct, say Gmail via my browser (Firefox Thunderbird), which is more secure? I've never gotten a clear answer to that question.
  5. Don't crucify me. I'm running v4.2.67.10 and have a question. Can I install EAV 7.* over the top and automatically retain my custom settings? Is there a burning reason to install the UTD version? Pardon my logic, but I ask because I receive notification every year to re-up my subscription but never any mention of upgrading my software. And . . . if I do install new UTD NOD32 software cold, is there anyway to preserve my antiquated settings or would that be stupid?
  6. I'm ISO a setup tutorial akin to the work of art by one of Wilders Security Forums' Global Moderators from 6+ years ago: Blackspear. He posted tutorials, the last being EAV 3.0 Tutorial from January 15, 2008. Is there anyone aboard doing something similar for eset NOD32 or eset SMART SECURITY? Thanks for reading.
  7. I've been using NOD32 together with Prevx without conflict for years. A recent business deal metamorphisized Prevx into WEBROOT SecureAnywhere. I've noticed some skittish behavior with BIOS/gettting into Windows 7 and also with Acronis True Image backups to my external HDD WD 3TB My Book. Any other reports of conflict between NOD32 and WEBROOT SecureAnywhere?
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