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  1. In Simplified Chinese version, the "Enter advanced settings" item, which is located in the bottom of "Settings" section, was wrongly translated into Traditional Chinese ("進入進階设定"). The correct translation should be "进入高级设置".
  2. Just now ESS prompt me that new version 7.0.302.26 is available. But I've not found any information related to this new version on ESET's official website. Who can tell me the detailed changelog of the latest version (compared with previous version 7.0.302.8) ?
  3. Just like the attached screenshot, each item always displayed three times in scan log. It seems no necessary.
  4. I think ESET should develop proactive defense system just like SONAR, Deepguard and so on. Although ESET has outstanding detection capability so far, but from my standpoint, signatures and heuristics seems more difficult to deal with latest threats. Of course, ESET has HIPS system that allows security Geeks edits its own rules to against virus, but most ESET users aren't experts. Besides, the default mode of HIPS is totally useless when a malicious app is running. Please consider this suggestion.
  5. If active mode is still available, it should display a warning page when I download a infected file from Internet, but now V7 just prompt me a notification window without warning page...
  6. I cannot found any options about this function on settings. Did you remove this function from V7? For me it is a great function. BTW: I strongly condemn the “卡巴专家” (so-called "Kaspersky Expert") for his/her unauthorized republishing behavior in "KaFan forum" (Top antivirus community in china): hxxp://bbs.kafan.cn/thread-1620662-1-1.html
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