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  1. Checking on Google seems to indicate that this might be a certificate problem with Orange of long standing. My wife uses IMAP and there is no problem. We both screen emails using Mailwasher (which allows us to see emails on the server in text, not html) and this has no problem in seeing the pop server and any emails sent to this. It may be that ESET is just a bit too restrictive? Anyway, i have followed your advice and changed 'SSL/TLS' to 'None' and this seems to work OK. I'll keep checking back with Orange. Fortunately I don't have too many emails using this source. Many thanks.
  2. Downloading of email from my POP Orange.fr account has been blocked apparently because of a certificate problem. Is this temporary or is there a way in whcih i can adjust my settings to let this through?
  3. Ok, I'll do that. But i still feel that this is something that you should consider in any updates.
  4. I turned off all the email settings linking to Outlook and Mail (the top three). I left on the Incoming email (fourth down) and turned off the two below. I left all the others alone. This gives me the red alert. If, from this position, I turn the top (outlook) setting back to on, the red alert disappears. When I turn this off again, the alert comes back, so it is a toggle on the Outlook Integration. This is just not a sensible arrangement. I have Thunderbird and don't want any of the top three settings for email. I do not see why i should have to put up with the alert.
  5. Hi, I turned off email outgoing scanning and all Outlook scans; since then I have had a permanent red security alert sign on my task bar. I do not want to scan outgoing emails and do not think this is a threat other than to the speed of my email program (Thunderbird, which is not on your list - i have checked that the speed is now much better). I would prefer not to have this alert, especially as I cannot now distinguish this unnecessary red alert from a real alert and cannot be bothered to check every time I open my computer. How do I get rid of this Security alert, please? I have rea
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