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  1. Hello I have ESET Smart Security license for 4 machines. I have to renew it next month. What version do I have? -ESET Smart Security -ESET Internet Security -ESET Smart Security Premium I didn't need ESET Password Manager and ESET Secure Data of the Premiumversion. On the other hand, I'd like to keep Anti-Theft, but is not in Internet Security.
  2. I restarted my computer and I can launch secure browser but with Iron it is always with /?
  3. Now, I cannot try because I have this error with IE11 and Iron when I launch the URL: Unable to start the secure browser. Error code: 0x847695d0
  4. Hi, With IE11, it is ok, but I use Srware Iron (chrome) and I have /? at the end of URL
  5. URL of my Bank: https://www.bmcinet.net In the secure browser, the URL becomes: https://www.bmcinet.net/? Naturally, if I manually delete the /? It works but I do not understand why ESS adds /?
  6. Hello, When I want to use the module for the protection of banking, after Iclicked on the URL of my Bank, ESS adds a "/?" at the end of the URL I clicked. sample: https://www.mybank.net/? Because of this, my Bank's website cannot be found. What should I do to make it work without the question mark?
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