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  1. Hello. He writes: Please check your internet connectivity and try again... But WiFi and 3G is working good. I think, the problem in root. My Device is Redmi Note 2, here root istalled be default. I change release server and pre-release server. Please help or root device not supported?
  2. Hi. I install ESET Mobile Security v3.2.4.0 and made application system. All is good, but does not want update antivirus database... check the connection. Wifi and 3G working. Please, help.
  3. Sorry for the long answer, i try upgrade new build Windows 10.0.586 and check this problem. Maybe this problem in crude version Windows 10. If the problem will not go away, then you can open a ticket.
  4. Yes, splash screen is enabled. All in default settings. I disable "show splash-screen" and close ESET GUI, then open antivirus, enable option and reboot system. After a reboot split-screen appeared, further i again reboot system and split-sxreen not appeared...
  5. Hi. I install ESET Smart Security 9.0.318.20 and noticed... welcom screen not shown, when i run Windows 10. The system is clean without problem. In ESET 8 welcom screen working perfect. Please, help. Default settings.
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