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  1. I solved it, I said that I am not an expert and moving through the program menus is not easy for me, but by going into Advanced Configuration and searching for the term "http" I found the correct option that solves my ping problem. For other users having problems with the pin not responding, THIS WAS THE SOLUTION
  2. Thanks to you too, I know your post wasn't the solution but I can't remove the flag anymore. For Marcos' solution, I haven't posted the log yet because he created a zip file of over 300 MB and let's, first see if the solution that Novea said works.
  3. Please tell me how should I go about deactivating that protocol. Sorry but I'm not an expert and I looked a bit but I couldn't find where I should set this parameter. Thank you
  4. No it doesn't work like that either, I've given up and to get the ping I need for my automations, I have to keep network traffic disabled. 😭
  5. What is the procedure for opening a technical support request? I would like to exclude from network scanning that device that has a fixed IP on the LAN Thanks for your help
  6. Thank you in the meantime for your support. I found it, if I turn off the network traffic scanner, the ping works. I can disable the option from Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Detection Engine > Network Traffic Scanner > "Enable Network Traffic Scanner" on/off switch. However, I don't have an option to modulate this choice, either I deactivate all traffic or enable everything, I would like to be able to only deactivate the ping control towards the address of my home automation server.
  7. I tried, but there is no new entry in "Resolve blocked communication.", the value remain zero.
  8. In the Configuration menu, -> network security, -> network connection, I have my router as a private network and a virtual network as public
  9. I installed Smart Security on a PC with Windows 11 and now I can no longer ping that PC with my home automation system. Both are in my local network 192.168.1.X but the home automation server cannot ping my PC. I tried reading some messages with the same problem as me, but I'm not very expert and I didn't really understand what to do. If I uninstall the antivirus the ping works again Can someone help me? Thank you
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