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  1. Well we have already knocked that door. Anyway thanks for responding.
  2. If you can align someone to assess this situation & coordinate with us, or conduct an meeting to discuss & further diagnose the subjected issue, would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well if it helps we escalated this issue with Mr. Ashwin Kumar via email, we did a meeting regarding that issue, he gave us few recommendations, which we implemented, there was no support ticket assigned, it was escalated with authorized vendor, later on they escalated it to ESET regional team. We are already managing endpoints via PROTECT on PREM server (Management Console). Can you escalate it to technical team since we have a compliance commitment. Any help or documentation you can provide will also help.
  4. We are using all in one installer for windows systems (Windows 10 & 11) as recommended by principal, i.e. agent & endpoint already installed on the targeted groups of PC's, we assign the policy to different groups, the policy does its intended job which is to blocked external drives on end points, but after lapse of few weeks, the policy fails itself, & it allows USB drive to be accessible. Your feedback would help in diagnosing this issue.
  5. Dear Marcos, We already queried on support and align the support agent but after the implantation of policies the supportive person thoroughly checked and replied in positive that the policies are correctly configured. However the management agent is already listed in the PC. Our objective to discuss this on forum is that we are currently facing issue regarding the activeness / inactiveness of policies. The system works very well in start lets say for 15 to 20 days after that it starts allowing the USB devices which is weird for us. Positive feedback would be appreciated from our end.
  6. We have created a USB drive Block policy, but after passage of 10-15 days, the policy doesn't work, we using ESET On Prem server 11.0.503.0 version. We have applied the policy on different group as recommended by ESET, however it is frustrating that the policy fails consistently, kindly assist regarding that.
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