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  1. Hello, I am looking for some advice or help with updating remotely 3rd party software e.g. Adobe Reader, i have 3 different versions of the product on other workstations. But i don't know how to update all of them at once, and not manually prefferably. And another problem is with uninstalling some software via ESET PROTECT. I created a task for uninstall some software, task was created sucessfully, but the operation itself failed and got no "feedback" why it failed. Thanks for any response, Omertuss
  2. Hello, I need some help with configuring or how to do it either. So I would need to manage multiple ESET PROTECT Clouds, but under one Webconsole. Like not to have different Clouds opened at the same time. I heard about EBA SItes, I tried that, but when I get the company ESET License Key, I can not use that, because it's already associated with that company. So I would need to get brand new license key and then connect it to the our Sites. Is there any other solution than this? Thanks for a response. Have a nice day, Omertus
  3. Hello, I want to ask for some help. I need to setup an email alert, for action: If new device just with agent joins the cloud, then I'll get notification about that device with just Agent to remotely install additional ESET AV or another ESET product. I tried to get it together somehow, but it's not working. So I will be glad for any advice or help. Thanks for response. Have a nice day! Omertus
  4. So I have to set 20 rds's for 20 vlans according to the link you refered to? Because we had other instance where it worked completely fine.
  5. Hi, we have the rds installed inside one vlan, but the vlan doesn't have any restrictions to access other vlans. And it still captures one group of IPs instead of the range we specified in the policy. We tried to enable active detection, but didn't go well. Any suggestions to do? Thanks for your response Omertus
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