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  1. Thanks for the reply Marcos. I'm aware of installing via GPO, but my question was in regards to the push method. So is the answer no? At the moment, GPO deployments are not an option for us.
  2. When I'm deploying from the ERA server I noticed that the server will attempt multiple Deployment types before it finds the one that works. While this is OK, for single pushes, it's highly inefficient for large scale pushes. I've gone through the ERA settings and couldn't find anything to change what deployment type it should use. When I already know what type works, I would like to be able to set it. Is it possible to change what methods the ERA server uses when attempting to push the agent or client?
  3. I had run in to this same issue with our VDi environment. Below is what I had done which is currently working for us. ERA 6.2 1. Install Agent / Client on Master image. 2. Let it report to and appear in ERA Console 3. Create Reset Cloned Agent task and run against Master Image 4. At this point (at least for us) it just gets to a "Task Started" and from the console point it appears to do nothing else. Without a lot of information, it appears to be an ongoing running task that needs to remain there. 5. Close / seal up your Master image 6. Clone off images and they should repo
  4. I have just upgraded to ERA 6.2 in hopes to resolve the log issue using the UUID; however it did not. Is there a solution for this yet aside from this work around?
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