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  1. Some female users would like to make them computers become feminization. Like putting a Hello Kitty on the Wallpaper in windows desktop. Does ESET think about cooperating with some comic characters or putting an cute animal to replace the system tray icon of ESET? Thanks.
  2. I don't think local distributor is still fully fucntional as they should have done this job for a long time ago. Please find below url samples: China Construction Bank: hxxp://www.ccb.com/cn/home/index.html Bank of China: hxxp://www.boc.cn/ If I can find a way to collect these url for you, I am willing to do so without payment. I just want us have same level of protection.
  3. I am living in China and visiting Chinese online banking page very often. But I haven't seen the "bank & payment protection" working for once. I try to visit American Express. And then the "bank & payment protection" works perfectly. I wish I could have a way to provide some Chinese online banking url for ESET. Please let us have a same safer technology.
  4. Hello Marcos. it's only a YouTube page. https://youtu.be/ABYqTkW-C40 Do you mean you cannot visit the above page? Or you mean the Threat Package website that I downloaded in my video?
  5. Hello. I'm using ESS 9.0.318.0 with Windows 10 Professional. I sometimes download some RAR packages with threats by Microsoft Edge Browser. Those threats are going through my Browser without any warning by ESS. The alert windows by ESS only can be shown when I use the context menu to scan the package. I think the warning signals from ESS should also be shown when I download it via the Browser. Please improve it. Best regards. Galaxy
  6. The devices with touch screen are more popular now. Please care about these type of users.
  7. I am using a Lenovo Miix 2-8, a device with an 8-inch touch screen. I am engaging a poor user experience with ESS on this device. ESET will check virus database automatically during the screen is on and off. When the screen go dack for few minutes, it turns into sleep mode as Windows8 default setting, ESET can still check for the update. BUT RECEIVE NO UPDATE BECAUSE NO INTERNET CONNECTIONS. THERE ARE OVER 10 ESET'S NOTIFICATIONS ON THE RIGHT BOTTOM CORNER OF THE SCREEN. It is really hard to closed these popups by using touch screen because it is so small, no matter in an 8-inc
  8. I download the latest ess 8 from ESET official website and start installing it. It turns out to be an old version and it needs me to download the update. OK. Then I update. But when the pre-install update download finished, its version is as same as the version that I download from ESET website. Why it tells me to wait such long time to download? What's new? Why ESET's people don't update the files on there website?
  9. This is not true, all versions from v1 up to now have shown warnings about locked files by default. What's more, v1 and v2 didn't support log filters. Thank you for the reply. Maybe I forget something. But my suggestion is to put the highest alert at the very glance place. for now, if it says there's a threat, I need to run the filter. that is a few-more-steps option. I just want to make things more simple.
  10. Hi, I receive tons of blue warning information when I running a scan without any filter. If I need to read the critical info I need to run filter every time I scan my PC. I suggest eset shall not display such information any more. The version 2.7 is much more simple and useful. It only showed the critical warning info in the log, such as trojan files. Can you please improve this in version 8? Thank you and best regards. Galaxy
  11. actually eset version 7 is not so compatible with today's tablet. It is not so easy to control eset's product on touch screen, especially the setting pert. If eset could be the first one advancing on tablet, it will become a great benefit. Tablet is a trend indeed.
  12. Does any one have some news about it? Or you can speak out what is your wish and let the engineers hear it. I cannot wait to see the new version after trying so many other vendors' 2014 products. Most of them have new interfaces, engine (eset upgrate this all the time) and price.
  13. Dear Sir, Please ask your engineer in language translation field to check the attached picture. The red box shows a Chinese Traditional language existing in the Chinese Simplified version. This is an issue that you can fixed in the next build or sooner. Best regards. Galaxy
  14. actually, they are not nutshell. they are all existing in a page of the broswer when enabling the active mode and using the broswer to download the virus.
  15. Hello. If ESET detect any threat, there will be a pop-up on the right top side of the screen, which is a feature in Windows 8. Example: Sometimes, the information is too long to show themselves all. We need to know all information in this pop-up. If the user click this pop-up, ESET will show its "Home" page on the software. I believe this is somehow useless. BUT, if ESET can show the "Log File" page with "Detected threat". This will be much beter. Now we can have full information.
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