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  1. Can I upload a log file that is 400MB to some cloud and send you the privately, Marcos?
  2. Hello, We are implementing a policy of secure browsing and website access control in our environment. Initially, there were no problems on the first test stations, but after a few days, when we tried to deploy the policy more broadly, we encountered a notification about an issue: The ESET security product has limited connectivity with Direct Cloud. And this message appears on most of the workstations. However, the following message appears on a few: Access control to websites is not fully operational due to a licensing issue. Re-enter your license credentials or try again later. Could we request an analysis? I am sending the ESET Log Collector from two stations in the attachment. Best regards 75387aab-a518-4557-8344-6a0cdea8f3cd_era-diagnostic-logs_2024-01-09_13-00-38.zip 083cbd09-0adb-4e0a-b240-820f9a350d98_era-diagnostic-logs_2024-01-09_12-46-55.zip
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the ESET Protect on-prem product. We have been implementing ESET LiveGuard and ESET LiveGrid tools in our environment for some time now. While there are no issues with the LiveGuard module, but we are not receiving any feedback from LiveGrid. The only thing we see is the status "sent for analysis." Can I please ask for some assistance on this matter? Below is a screenshot of policies and status check.
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