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  1. Awesome, Thank you for the explanation. I didn't want do any trial and error. Deleting clients did work and the message went away regarding licenses about to run out. I will continue marching along with my naming scheme. ERA:
  2. Slots used is the number of clients correct? I seen my client list grow as I change the names along with a warning that I'm going to run out of licenses soon. As you say deleting Eric is ok. Will that bring a license back?
  3. Hello, We are implementing a new naming convention and in ESET RAC of course it will take up a license. My question is how do I reuse that license key from the old computer name that no longer exist? Do I simply delete the client name? Thank you, Eric
  4. It's still being scanned by ESET I believe. This is what I see when someone sends an email to the affected user. __________ Information from ESET Smart Security, version of virus signature database 12324 (20150928) __________ The message was checked by ESET Smart Security. hxxp://www.eset.com
  5. As this is a drastic step to take for one isolated issue we would like to hold off in upgrading our entire office to the latest version. This issue was supposed to be solved with 5.0 and above. I have removed eset software from the affected computer and repaired office suite but something is still deleting the message. I don't have ESET install on the exchange folder. What else can I try besides upgrading the client version.
  6. Hello, This is regarding outlook message body being deleted. The only thing that remains is the subject and sender. No signature or anything. Windows 7 OS with Office 2010 suite. No other anti virus other than ESET. I tried removing the add-in for outlook and still the same results. Disabled email scanning. Not sure what else to try. Thank you, Eric
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