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  1. Hmm I have version 6.0.316.0 and it accepted our paid license for the business. I am assuming then that while it seems to have all the same features its somehow not the same program.... I am assuming I downloaded the Antivirus Home Version then as well. I appologise then, my fault.
  2. So I have been working on bringing our company up to date with Nod32 (were currently on V4.x). I installed ERA V5 (The latest I can find) on the Server I wish to use in the office and it cannot see anyone... I have installed Nod Endpoint V6 on my Desktop and the others in the office have V4.x. None of them populate to the ERA. When I attempt to point my V6 install Via the Remote Management Option under F5>Tools it is not present... So V6 does not support the ERA? Why are the v4.x Ones not being picked up? I would really like to get this configured so that I can setup the policies we would like for the office and push them through to all PC's as well as monitor those PC's. Everything is on the same internal network and I have not found any options to tell ERA where it can scan such as an IP Range etc. The Install Instructions seem to imply that it should automatically pick up our end users and their install status even if they do not have the client installed. I am also trying to figure out how to give the program AD access as thats the only reason I can come up with that it is unable to see anything on the network but again I do not see anywhere in the program to provide such access... These issues are normally not present in other programs I have used in the past. Thanks --- I found the Domain controls so I can now use AD Credentials however I still cannot see anyone on the network, nor find the option in Version 6 of the Endpoint to control Remote Administration Access. I have also now set one of our V4.x System to the Server and on the correct port but it has not auto populated to the Remote Admin Console...
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