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    W_K received kudos from Protopia in enable in & out connections for application with dynamically changing path (wildcard support for firewall rules)   
    Hello everybody,
    as the topic title says I have the following problem:
    I use Opera as my main browser and have the firewall set to interactive mode (which I won't change)
    Unfortunately, Opera changes the path containing the executable dynamically with every update.
    example folder structure:
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_autoupdate.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_crashreporter.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_autoupdate.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_crashreporter.exe
    Now I have to allow connections every time Opera is updated.
    I thought of using something like c:\Program Files\Opera\*\opera.exe, but that doesn't work with firewall rules.
    Any ideas or solutions?
    Many thanks in advance
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