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  1. Marcos- I am not sure that I fully understand your guidance/suggestion/solution- meaning "shifting system date" is way past my area of expertise! But.....I renewed yesterday, so December 7 I do not think will be an issue.
  2. Thanks itman for your insight! I will assume that I am good for at least the next 12 months with the current 16. version; that ESET will not discontinue support during the renewal year
  3. itman- yes, i did see/read that ESET posting. However, it seems that I was able to install/renew the ESET NOD32. I am running So is it safe to assume that I will just not be able to install a newer ESET NOD version, but that I am in fact using/running a version that is still protecting my computer.
  4. I know my version of windows is outdated, that I no longer receive Windows security updates. However, I have been using ESET NOD 32 for many years and not had any virus issues or concerns. I just renewed for the next year. I get the message that "my versions does not support Azure Code Signing". Is it safe to assume that I am still being protected, that this is not a major concern? ""
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