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  1. Hello, Is there a way to manually trigger a vulnerability scan? Or is there an information when the solved vulnerabilities automatically disappear on the vulnerability and patch management? I currently mute the vulnerabilities that I have resolved, but I have also noticed in some cases that resolved vulnerabilities disappear from the view after a few days. Now I want to speed this up and initiate a scan manually. Is that even possible? When exactly is the client scanned for vulnerabilities? After every computer restart? By task (I haven't found a suitable one here) or does it run according to a schedule? I would be very grateful for any information on this topic. Thanks in advance
  2. I can confirm that. Disabling the GSM module does help! With the GSM Module disabled the Logging also works as expected. Turning it on again does reproduce the issue after a restart.
  3. Hi, So i restarted the Machine, changed the dump type to Full, Started CMD as Administrator and typed "net start ekrn" then i got the Messagt "Der angeforderte Dienst wurde bereits gestartet" "the service is already started" NET HELPMSG 2182 In the Dump Directory, no .dmp oder .mdmp file with a non-zero size is created. Also the GUI wont show the Logging as enabled even tho i get the pop up message that the logs are running.
  4. Hi, After Upgrading from ESET Endpoint Security 10.0.2045.0 to ESET Endpoint Security 10.1.2046.0 the Firewall and Webcontrol do not work. The GUI on the Client asks for a Restart. Then i restart the machine, after the restart and userlogin, it seems to work, but 5 minutes in the session the Error "Firewall non-functional" or "Web control non-functional" are being displayed, recommending another restart. Restarting again is also not solving the issue. Desinstallation and a fresh Installation of ESET Endpoint Security 10.1.2046.0 did not solve the problem. Thanks in Advance Christoph Türke
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