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  1. Hey guys, I am facing a problem with sql databases. In the ESET event log, theres an error stating that: "Theres an error with loading SQL database files from the Microsoft SQL Server-Databases. Check if the user "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" has enough priviliges for reading data from the system views of the master database." (roughly translated) As far as we know, there is no usecase for ESET and SQL to work/communicate with one another, though SQL Manangement Studio is installed on the Server. So basically, we do not even know why ESET is trying to get access to the SQL database. The error occured 3 times in about 1 month, with random breaks in between it occuring. It would be great if someone was able to tell us, wether we should check our configuration, or ignore the event occuring. Thank you for any help!
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