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  1. Hello Support I have a client that manages approximately 30,000 computers, and when monitoring the services of the server where the ESET Protect console is installed, it is evident that the EraServer service has more than 22,000 handles. Is this value normal or is it in the established range? A monitoring tool was used which alerts that the number of EraServer handles is high. thanks for your help
  2. What happens if I have the ipv6 protocol enabled in the ESET PROTECT service, and I have ipv6 disabled on the local server where I install ESET PROTECT?
  3. thanks for your answer. However, when implementing the scenario, it is evident that the computers do not report back through the proxy. Therefore, it is necessary to disable the option "Use direct connection if HTTP proxy is not available" to force the computer to communicate through a proxy. Thanks!
  4. hello support I want to check how long it takes to restore the connection between the computers with the proxies, once the proxy is down or disabled, and the proxy service is restored again? Is the connection restored automatically? Thank you
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