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  1. OnePlus 5T (A5010), LineageOS 19 (custom ROM), without Google services. Worth mentioning, the previous versions of the app worked flawlessly, and actually the latest version kind of works, too: I can run the manual definitions updating by using the "long press menu" on the app icon (in the launcher), and the background virus scan works, too, e.g. when something gets downloaded, or an app is installed/updated.
  2. Thank you for clarifying this. The phone does not have Google Play Store or Google Play Services installed. MicroG and Aurora Store are used instead, i'll try updating those.
  3. Device software: LineageOS 19 (Android 12), MicroG 0.2.24, Aurora Store 4.2.2 After updating ESET Mobile Security from version to, the following error is displayed briefly after opening the app: My question would be, is there any way to use the app without having Google Play cr*p installed on the phone? Thanks!
  4. ...along with their other cr*p. Just look at the "progress" of the ability to set default apps in Windows. Dude, I think we should stop, before we get banned on our first day on the forum.😁
  5. Yeah, those "may be used", "possibly checks" etc. in assessment obviusly give a realistic end result of "100% malicious". I mean, a fork also "may be used" to attack, instead of, for example, lifting food, but let's not ban its use just yet, right?
  6. I think it's called CrowdStrike Falcon. Worth checking out its false positive statistics, e.g. in AV-Comparatives' tests.
  7. This. I too am in favor of completely unblocking the app, but also have a proposal, if I may, in case the app has to be flagged suspicious/dangerous: how about categorizing it as "potentially unsafe", for which, if I'm not mistaken, both the detection and reporting are by default disabled, at least in NOD32?
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