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  1. hello Marcos, tkx for your reply, but my licnce it's me who have activated when vendor send to me by mail on 18/04/2023 and valid date is 18/04/2024 ? you think 3$ is not the price of this keys ? if the keys is already activated by the email address cXXXXXXXX4@sXXXXXXh.com normally it showed less days because it's already activated by this !!!! the price in europe is too much some country is lower price not only eset but also kaspeersky or microsoft like africa or middle east..... how be distributor ?
  2. no i buy it from internet how buy from autohorized one this key i have buy it with 3$ it's official or not ?
  3. i ahve buy it yesterday but i have activated with my mail ???? you mean it('s not original ? pirate haceked one or what exactly ? tkx
  4. hello @Marcos this is the licence ID: 3A7-7DK-C3B
  5. Hello how are you, i have buy from internet key of ESET smart security, when install it it not work ? can every one tell me it's fro mwhich country this ? maybe it's same problem of kasprsky of geolocalistaion can't use it in others coutry ??? the complete keys i can send it in private only but it's start by : GGVA-XA65-..... best greetings
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