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  1. Hello, we recently installed ERA 6 and later assigned that system a different IP address. After that, all remote push installations from the ERA console fail with the same error. Error: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread dd0]: Software installation failed: GetFile: Failed to connect to HTTP proxy server 'IP-ADDRESS' (port: 3128) This IP-ADDRESS portion is the old IP. I have tried rebooting the server \ creating new Agent Live Installers (which install fine and those systems are seen as "Managed" in ERA) \ deleting & creating a new installation client task. What changes are required on the server to stop the new installations from failing at that point? Something somewhere is stuck and not purging the old IP. Is it related to the server SSL Certificate? From every area of the server configuration I see nothing in there about an IP address, only the hostname or FQDN which has not changed. At this time I am unable to perform anymore client installations and am at a point where I think I should uninstall everything and go back to V5. I have never had so much trouble with an ESET product. Thank you!
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