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  1. Thank you for the answer, Marcos. Indeed, the checkboxes were selected, which surprised me a bit. However, after choosing the option to enforce and block policies (perhaps there was a conflict in this matter), notifications indeed started to appear.
  2. We have the ESET PROTECT on-prem solution in version - during the forced update of the ESET Server Security product to version 10.0.12015.2 from the PROTECT console, the web console displays messages about the need to restart the server. (here an example of Windows Server 2016) - however, on the server itself, after the update, there is no information in the GUI interface about the need to restart. Interestingly, sometimes this information appears on some servers... The deployed policies are the same for all servers, and upon inspection, the checkboxes related to the need for restart information are marked in the options. The point here is about the information itself, to be visible to the server operators, that the antivirus software requires a restart. Not everyone has access to the ESET PROTECT console...
  3. We have such group created, but unfortunately it did not protect us from miss click. We can close the topic, maybe in the future such functionality will be added - I think it would be useful. Thank You.
  4. Hello, I have a question, is it possible to mark servers/important workstations with a different color on the list? Sometimes when updating from the control panel, you may mistakenly select "all" and easily restart/update stations - which are important and can only be restarted at certain times. Can I add additional control this case? Some additional notification window that we will mark "critical station" before I start task?
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