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  1. Edit: I tried to reinstall the antivirus today and i have the exact same problem. When I have the popup to put my password to grant acess to eset everything just freeze and the computer does not respond anymore. What's going on?
  2. Hi, I had a huge problem today with eset. I actually had the popup to grant full acess to disk but when i did that the computer start to slow down until not working at All. I was not able to do a thing on the computer even when i rebooted 10 times. So i decided to start in safe mode and remove eset. After that everything came back and worked just fine. I'm really disappointed because it took 2 hours to solve my problem and i was in the middle of a client meeting. You should put in the window that we have to update ventura and eset befor doing anything else. I hope it wil help other people who are having the same issue because nothing exists about this problem and i'm quiet sure i'm not the only one in the entire world.
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