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  1. One of the software modules for our Remote Utility software is currently detected by Eset and only Eset on VirusTotal. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ecbf23f8c1fbe58737a81789b08f25558733ee4f55b2f1fdd565fe268879f48a/analysis/1455549704/ Its an administrator console and cannot work as a remote admin so there is NO sense for Eset to treat it badly as a riskware. I've already sent an FP request multiple times regarding this issue and I've never received a reply. Looking for some explanation here. Josh
  2. If this forum is not the proper place to dispute PUA detections, then may I ask where is? samples@eset.com? Never even had a reply, what more a discussion. lol
  3. I just checked TeamViewers VirusTotal detection, ESET doesnt seem to detect it as a Potentially unsafe application Double standards?
  4. This is Josh,I represent Usoris Systems, LLC. The developers of "Remote Utilities' remote access software. I've sent multiple FalsePositives emails to Eset (weekly) dating back as long as April 29 and I have never, not even once received a reply from samples@eset.com. At first we thought we may have not followed the correct instructions in sending the samples but even after following word for word, we feel ESET has been deliberately ignoring our emails. We have even reached out to local regional ESET offices and at least they have had the courtesy to reply but yet are unable to assist us in removing the riskware detection as they were only capable of forwarding our samples to again samples@eset.com. Even through them, ESET has not replied. I'm not sure what it would take for ESET to remove this riskware detection as it is the only Anti-Virus software left still detecting our software as such. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b79718750df94dccc7fe03798456a72322119a49c2bbfc9fc17564d6d85f3748/analysis/1438226504/ Remote Utilities is a ligitimate software vendor and all our downloadable files and executable are signed with a valid DigiCert. It is even whitelisted by 4 other big A/V vendors. Official website: hxxp://www.remoteutilities.com/ If ESET wont remove this detection, we would at least like to get a reply on the reason why so we can dispute it. Also, before I get a reply with the common template response of pup/riskware is normal for our softwares' category. Please note, our biggest competitor in this area which has the same basic function as ours, constantly bombards their users with banners and ads and they don't seem to have the ESET riskware detection but we do, so that argument is invalid. No double standards please.
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