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  1. Good day Mr Bassila, As promissed we proceeded to a replacement for the list of the expired keys that you provided us through mail and it's our pleasure to assist you on that. Can you please confirm back tjat everything is fine with the new keys and that you were able to deploy them. Best regards, Mohamed
  2. Good day Mr Bassila, I have well received your messages, as you might know the week end in Algeria is not the same here in Tunisia that's why I'm replying back today, this message will be followed by an email through the adress you shared with me where you can send me the photo or the list of the expired keys. Best Regards, Amine Dahmani ESET NWA Sales Manager
  3. Dear Mr Bassila, Please allow me to present my self my Name is Mohamed Amine Dahmani I'm the sales manager in charge of the North West Africa territory for ESET, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please can you provide me in a private message your contacts so we might take back the list of the keys and proceed with a replacement urgently. Once again we express our sinceres appoligizes and looking forward hearing from you.
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