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  1. Totally get it but I had one drive for 7 years at 89 or so and one at 4 years at 82. Neither had a majority of apps on them other than Windows (the 89% one was my C drive and the 82% was my "games" drive - the C drive was an old SANDISK EXTREME III 480GB and the other an 850/860? EVO Samsung 1TB. Obviously the Sandisk used a different technology (forgot name) than the EVOs and lasted much longer. I had moved the Users/xxx/APPDATA and Users dir to D which was a standard drive. I am NOT going through the trouble of that this time given that I have about 3.5x the space now on C than I used to have. I did move the individual downloads/docs/music/pics to D (10TB WDBlack) cos none of that needs high-speed access. Will put most used games as I find out if I ever have time to game again. So just thinking ahead to make it last as long as I can. This PC will eventually get pushed to my wife after I update next year. It's old, an i7 4771 with 32gb. But it would blow away here needs/uses. I may need to redo D anyhow. I am hearing a loud CLACK everytime the PC boots up or wakes from sleep. None of my older WD Blacks ever made that noise before (6TB, 4 , 2s and 1TB models over the years) and I JUST got it so will replace it (Amazon exchange) and see if that is normal for this model. I never "clone" disks because I take the replacement every few years as a chance for cleanup/reorg unless it is one of the data disks. This time I will look for whatever software WD had for cloning, if any. Worst comes to worst, will reinstall stuff. I am holding off on adding programs until I get to hear the replacement.
  2. Thanks, so it is a “static” thing? I’m not knowledgeable about how nod32 does it’s work for you it is obvious. The final deciding criteria for me is based on 3 things: 1. Does it keep growing regularly and like the annoying windows temp type stuff sneakily eat up drive space until I notice it’s very low? 2. Does it very regularly get updated? (here I am fuzzier, like on SSDs and write eventual “wear out” of its a very heavy use thing (see#3) it may be more downside than up for me. 3. is the speed increase on SSD getting me something vs the cost of the wear/tear? Remembering I have been running nod32 since at least I’ve owned this PC which is close to 10 years and it was mostly a rotational drive pc at the start. I’m trying to limit SSD to games and programs that benefit human-noticeably from the higher speed. I WISH Windows made it easy to move the wastefully growing stuff elsewhere and to let us easily move things like user’s appdata via move like downloads/documents
  3. What goes in Modules directory and is it regularly updated or grows large?
  4. Hah, didn’t expect so quick a reply and went forward with C:\PF\… ; D:\PD\… ; D:\PF\…\Modules i had assumed data and modules will either receive heavy(often)writing, and/or consume large space. if modules is not going to be modified a lot ir take big space, I’ll uninstall and reinstall now that way. Cos if modules is data that is mot often updated but is read a lot - yup rather have speedier access. probabky will up my license use to 12 on this last and 13 after reinstall. waiting on verify if understood. I actually had t NOTICED modules was in program files vs program data the dialog told me it was invalid when I typed what I thought it said thanks! if I saw it was in PF, I might have guessed it was more static. im willing to reinstall since just started. Will check back after jump in shower. Thanks man!!
  5. I am reinstalling the EAV software. I had to reos my machine and got to the screen where it says: product folder data folder module folder now, I want speed but I also want to protect my SSD from a heavy regular writing app. So, is there any advantage to installing product folder on SSD (c, assuming this is the executable and “static” portion of the app) and rest on the traditional drive (D, also new replacement wdblack 10gb good cache etc)? or if even product folder is constantly written to then everything on D. Or if can’t split then it very thing on D for example? ps - will be calling support but in case fast we’ll-known answer, I created account (vs using key and email verification in past) and it shows I have 5 license with 11 devices. But show devices/remove devices show none. In past I never did anything web-wise just installed on new pcs or more often re-OSing. right now, have only son’s pc running windows and eSet. My pc was running it too until yesterday. Wife’s pc has a registration and I want to keep it but she hasn’t turned on her pc in a looong time. She uses her Mac air without nod32. The other 2 licenses are for my windows vm on my new MacBook and for the vm on my old MacBook which I may eventually use for wife’s max instead if we upgrade her since haven’t powered my old MacBook in over year.
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