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  1. Yes, but this didn't work. I am beginning to think the issue is because it is picking up my current on prem installation as I am able to see the RADIUS server under the on prem console. I advised support that I would need to run the two systems side by side and was told this was possible, however I am now thinking it is not. I also think there is an issue with the way it has pulled the license from my business account as I am now unable to issue invites.
  2. Thanks for the reply, however I have tried creating the standard installer however it then has no link to the cloud portal. I am currently trying to configure the RADIUS install, it installs fine but doesn't show up in the components section in the cloud so I cannot configure anything.
  3. I have been advised to start a topic here for Secure Authentication Cloud. I am currently in the Beta program but when creating a live installer, it fails to install every time saying that it is corrupt.
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