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  1. My system (Asus z87) still crashes following these steps. I'll pm you the Log Collector file.
  2. I'm having similar issues. Running Windows 8.1 64bit on a z87 motherboard (Asus Maximus Hero VI) with a 4670k. I'm using their AI Suite III software which includes features like overclocking, direct BIOS updates, and fan profiles. Computer hardlocks with an error that is usually WHEA related shortly after startup (the nod32 icon shows an active scan or update was in progress during this time). With nod32 AV completely uninstalled (or in safe mode) I don't have any freezing, and can run any gamut of hardware tests (prime95, Intel burn, furmark) without any issues at all, so it's definitely not hardware related in that sense. I've had the AISuite software running with nod32 for almost two years, so I'm very curious to see what's actually causing this. Regardless of what version of AISuite I install, the freezing keeps occuring, so I don't think it's a recent update from Asus that's causing it. I'll PM my Log Collector files to Marcos, let me know if you need any additional files. Until then I'll leave nod32 uninstalled.
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