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  1. Hello My license expired and I'm not intending to renew it. Every few hours a pop-up informs you that the license is over, which is getting quite annoying. I can't find in the option to turn off only the license expiration notification. Is it possible to disable the notification about expired license? If so where?
  2. Thanks for answer. I use different solution for software firewall so I don't need ESET's botnet protection. I'm not sure if activation applies if I want to renew my license. Is there a difference when renewing and first time install?
  3. Hello, I'm having issues with scheduler. For no reason scan jobs are starting but they don't match the time for the tasks set in the scheduler. I've check if those jobs are starting because there is "task will be run as soon as possible" and non of them matches such criteria. My question is this. Where are those job tasks from scheduler stored? (please provide location for files on disk or key in the registry) I would like to delete them (or restore to defaults) and see if the problem persists. In addition log files are missing very important info which would be very helpful. In the log wi
  4. Does Exploit Blocker is similar in function to Mircrosoft's EMET or Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit? Is it safe (in terms of reliabilityissues) to use ESET's Exploit Blocker along with EMET or MBAE? Can You give a link where I can read about those technologies (what they do, how they work etc...) Thank You
  5. Hello Just like in the topic. I'm esspecialy intrested in firewall and HIPS module. thx
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