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  1. I did think that might be the case after the 'woolly' support call, and no updates on a simple bug. Back to as it was on the Windows box.
  2. I'm still getting over the whole over complex interface issues, and where/how to see what tasks it's actually doing at any one time. Whilst fixing over issues, i saw a new update come out, 6.1.33, thought i'd update to see of it's improved. Followed note" Improved: It will be possible to upgrade from versions (December release) and to version using the ESET Remote Administrator Component upgrade task"Did the upgrade task from within, and it seems to have done no upgrade at all. My ERA web console is still running on port 8443, whereas the console tel
  3. Decided to go in with both feet. Deployed new ERA instance, via OVA, 6.1.28.(Another thread in that forum soon) Remotely installed the endpoint agent. Remotely installedEndpoint AV Found issues with the new endpoint AV effecting web browsing by simply not going to certain websites, just a blank screen, no error, only in Safari. Support notified, will be fixed in next release, but no idea when, etc, etc. Not good enough. Remotely uninstalled Endpoint AV Remotely installed 4.1.98 again, with the configuration script still pointing to the old ERA server.
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