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  1. Some bacgroud: I consider myself advanced user and IT tech and I have been using Windows OS for many years. In the past I was using ESET products, we even reselled them for a while. Now for several years I use Linux and I continue working for the IT industry - I even support for other vendor [uS company] but the vendor I have to support because I work for it - I don't like their AV security products products - I am honest. I switched to Linux because of I am tired of the Microsoft industry and all these malware and the AV products. Until recently - for Windows users (both business and home) I liked Kaspersky and ESET products only. A friend of mine was using AVIRA and MSE previously and got infected by Necurs trojan rootkit some months ago. I started evaluating several products, finished to Kaspersky and ESET and due to the interface and speed, I was about to choose ESET (trial version of NOD32 v8 expires soon). However, when I learnt about the new ESET 9 - this totally changed my mind. Now reallity: You, ESET, really suck ! Isn't there anybody who could tell you (internally) that you have the power to be light and effective because of where you started. Remember the lightness and effectiveness of NOD32 v2, v2.5 , v2.7 - even v3 and v4 ? But you chose the commerical way - now you began releasing new versions every year and you totally changed the GUI of both home and business products. It sucks! It looks awful - it looks Metro like, ugly, big, things are not where they should be. The GUI options are way too much, it is slower than it used to be. Why did you have to break something that works ? If it works, don't fix it ! I am not it did not work for you! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:If_it_ain%27t_broke,_don%27t_fix_it What ESET was several years ago - ESET and NOD were sign of lightness, high quality, professionalism. Now ESET turned their products into J*U*N*K. Complete, big junk just like other big companies such as McCrappy, Symantec
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