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  1. UPDATE I managed to cure this issue by copying over a new copy of the ERA Server appliance and redoing the configuration. It looks like there was a carriage return or some other issue with the config file that was causing it to ignore lines after the hostname config. As I suspected it had nothing to do with Hyper-V and I'm disappointed in ESET support to fob me off over something so simple. In the end I decided not to use the appliance as it would not join the domain and as we are running Hyper V I doubted I'd be helped any further by ESET support. I'd like to suggest that if Hyper V
  2. I'm playing around with the ERA virtual appliance and I've got it up and running but for some reason the config file is only reading the first few lines, I feel I might have broken it when editing it. It reads the line with the host name and this is reflected on the console when the server boots. The next line is for the password and this isn't read properly as any changes to it are not reflected when logging into the console or the web interface. I've contacted support and just got told that because I'm running on hyper-v it's not supported so tough luck which is a strange answer as the iss
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