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  1. Also I would please like a link with the procedure for the manual activation in order to try it.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I'm not sure I have the same version as in the photo... I cannot find the "history" selection anywhere.
  3. I have an ERA installation and I am trying to activate 2 new computers. I have started with the first one. I installed the agent successfully because I can see the computer name in question under "Not activated Security Product" and all the computer details listed when I look for details. So I guess it is "reading" everything from the client. The problem is that the activate task is failing. Where can I see the cause of the fail? Is there a way to troubleshoot this?
  4. I changed the gateway to another router and it added the license with no problem. All that after importing the VA and testing it in to two different machines... I ended up with the first one. Something must be stoping the https on my 2811 router and I have no clue. I will troubleshoot it later. I will continue with this setup for now.
  5. Seems you are missing Thawte root CA certificate that should be available in system. Have you updated this system recently or updates are disabled since older ERA release? You mean update the ERA server appliance? It is on version
  6. I've tried it. [root@era /]# openssl s_client -connect edf.eset.com:443 socket: Connection timed out connect:errno=110
  7. I don't think it applies on my case. It talks about firewall rules and Windows installation. I will try to update tomorrow XenServer to the latest version (6.5) and install XenTools to check that it hasn't anything to do with the installation or not.
  8. Should not be the case. Client's and ERA should connect directly to ESET servers, my guess is that you have proxy setting configured in policy. In ERA server you mean? It is a fresh new installation...
  9. So the problem of not connecting to the licensing server has to do with Apache config?
  10. From the coloring of ssh client and root user my guess is that you are using virtual appliance? Did you install and configure apache proxy for clients? Check "How do I enable Apache HTTP proxy on my ERA Virtual Appliance after initial configuration?" on: hxxp://help.eset.com/era_deploy_va/62/en-US/index.html?va_faq.htm Correct. As I said earlier I am using a virtual appliance installed on a XenServer environment. No I hadn't enabled Apache HTTP proxy on ERA VA but I did after your post!
  11. When I ping it resolves the IP. But I am not getting a reply: [root@era ~]# ping edf.eset.com PING edf-pcs.cloudapp.net ( 56(84) bytes of data. No the firewall doesn't block https.
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