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  1. I have the newest build downloaded. I have uninstalled via safe mode.
  2. There's a contradiction in your statement. First you say that you cannot run egui.exe but at the same time you see it among running processes but cannot kill it. Due to self-defense, once it's running it cannot be killed which is expected. However, starting it via the Start menu should always work, even if no icon is display in the tray menu. I understand what you are getting at. The problem exists that the GUI for eset will not load. when i do run the program (and don't force a shutdown of my user) it always gives me a "blue screen of death". The latest one gave me a file associati
  3. Windows 7 is the os and there is no other software running for firewall. It is on a router firewall (so hardware firewall). Ekern.exe is in the processes. Egui.exe is not running. When I do run egui.exe it will not load, it cannot be accessed and if I go to shut it down via task manager it says that I cannot and that access is denied. Marco: no I cannot open via the start menu and the eset icon doesn't show in the tray window. I have tried loading egui.exe via start menu and via explorer
  4. So I have, for the past 35 days, been fighting with this software. I have uninstalled and re-installed 5 times now with nothing working. ESET will not auto-start (as I configured) and now if I try to load in the program manually it will not work. if I try to end the process via the task manager it will block me out saying that the application has failed. I would load a dump file but I can't load the program to reinstall. The last time that I attempted to reinstall and run this program (as an administrator etc) it caused a blue screen windows error. No other programs, that I c
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