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  1. I found this restiction: This is not possible! I can't switch an normaly user to an Admin. That's too high a risk. Is there an other way to disable ESET Endpoint?
  2. I don't understand "override mode". Sorry. I tried this guide. But it does't work. Do you have an other manual?
  3. We have a problem with the Outlook cloud sync here. For this reason we would like to stop the ESET Endpoint-protection completely. Unfortunately, this is prevented by a policy. User cannot disable protection if defined by policy. Normaly, this is a good thing. How to stop protection and bypass policy? e.g. with a password? I have removed the affected PC on the policy group. Nevertheless it doesn't work.
  4. Hello ESET-Team! We would like to deploy third-party software and i found this manual. If I insert an external https link, everything works fine. Is it also possible to deploy locally stored software (*.msi)? Unfortunately, the example only shows an installation via Linux. Where must the msi file be stored? On the server where ESET Protect is installed? Do you have an example link for Windows?
  5. OK, thx for your quick support. I will mark this thread as "solved" next week, after testing.
  6. thx for your reply 👍 I found these settings. I think this is the solution. I'll test my systems now. Is it necessary to create a new policy? Or can I use an existing one? In which existing policy would it make sense to add these settings?
  7. Hello everyone! We switched from Kaspersky to ESET. Now I have some problems that I need to solve quickly. I'm going through the manual. But this takes too long as I need to solve the problem quickly. Maybe someone can help me quickly. It happens again and again that internal network traffic (RDP, ICMP, ...) is blocked by the firewall on the endpoints. I can quickly release the locks manually in the endpoint-security. But then I always have to go to the affected PC. This is of course not possible in the home office. Remember: RDP doesn't work at this moment :-/ Is there a setting (a policy in ESET Protect?!!?) where you can declare internal network traffic as safe? Thanks in advance.
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