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  1. I am working on setting a policy via my MDM for OSX devices that have been upgraded to 10.13 or higher (Per https://support.eset.com/kb6512/). Is it possible to pre-approve the Eset Kernel Extension prior to pushing out the Endpoint software. More specifically what is the value for AllowedKernelExtensions that needs to be added? I'm trying to prevent issues with installing Endpoint that did not exist previously and getting errors for approval.
  2. No. I want delete a particular file type in a defined folder.
  3. After some testing. it doesn't appear it will work. It blocks the files from executing, but I need something to delete existing files in the folder.
  4. I can work with that. I will have to do some testing. Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to block a file type in a specific folder. I don't want a system wide block just to designated local folder.
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