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  1. Ah. Sorry about the oversight. I do see that folder now. And thank you for pointing me in the right direction and correcting my mistake. As I said before, it seems that some installation parameters are causing the problem. I'm making a bit of progress on this issue, so I will make this issue as resolved thanks to your help. I may have other issues, which I will manage in other tickets. Thanks again for the assitance.
  2. Thanks Jim. I do not have the folder "EraAgentApplicationData" There are no subfolders inside my "Agent" folder.
  3. Thank you for the reply: I seemed to have figured out the issue. I had some installation parameters incorrect. I was frustrating though, since there were no logs anywhere pointing to this out. The tasks simply did not run at all, no errors or anything. But after removing the installation parameters I'm finally seeing the tasks run.
  4. Is there any help? It's critical at this point. Is there a support number I can call?
  5. Hello, 1) Went to admin > client tasks > software install > new task 2) Filled out new task as "software install" and choose Eset License, Eset Sofware Package 3) Selected as target 2 machines that have agent successfully installed. 4) Set trigger as "execute ASAP" and filled out rest of task form 5) Pressed Finish. New task show up in the list. But nothing happens. Task does not run, no software gets installed. Nothing. When I click on the new task and click on the tab "executions", nothing is shown. I've tried multiple different software install task with different variables to try to get the software task to run. But under executions nothing is ever run. I have no idea where the tasks logs are. I don't see them underneath reports. There are no logs to show why Client Tasks are not run. So I have no idea why the client tasks are not being run.
  6. I've successfully installed the remote agent on a few machines, and after I try to run a scheduled software install task, nothing happens. The software doesn't install and I cannot find any logs anywhere in the admin. I've tried this for about 5 hours today and I cannot get one single Eset installed on any machine using the software install task.
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