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  1. For years I had a home page set up at My Way.com. My way has always used imgfarm and due to My Way changes I need to set up a new customized home page but NOD32 keeps blocking imgfarm. I tried adding it to excluded lists but it keeps blocking. How do I get it to stop blocking imgfarm?
  2. I have seen that pop up before but it seems to have stopped. I do get notices in the Notifications fly out (Windows 10 Home) that NOD32 requires my attention and to click on the notice for additional information. Clicking on the notification does nothing. Looking in the NOD32 window does not have any indication or notice that any action is required. Tech support suggested a reinstall of NOD32 which I did but still got an occasional notice. Yesterday I did a clean install of Windows 10 and got everything set up and running. This morning I did a smart scan of all the drives and everything
  3. HIPS went bonkers this morning. Booted the Win 10 machine and started getting an endless, continuous stream of pop ups asking to allow/deny access to files, etc. Tried clicking allow and the popups would continue faster than I could click the mouse button. I tried disabling HIPS and suddenly had a half dozen windows open and the computer slowed to a snails pace. Reboots only started the cycle all over again. I eventually was able to get the change/uninstall option opened and selected the option to uninstall NOD32. The status bar reached about 60% and froze. I started clicking the allow
  4. I know that Win 10 is not supported at this time but thought I'd post this up to see if it's happening to anyone else. This morning when I booted the Win 10 machine I started getting an endless, continuous stream of popups asking to permit or deny programs/apps permission. I tried to disable HIPS but it kept enabling itself. Reboots only start the process all over again. I've probably clicked several hundred "allow" and the popups keep coming. I finally shut the computer down and I'm posting this on my Windows 8.1 machine.
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