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  1. Suddenly starting at 2:20 PDT this morning, workstations are reporting this error message: During execution of on the computer (computername), the following event occurred: User rules file contains invalid data. This is obviously some bug or error that has occurred with an ESET update. Any information on getting this resolved?
  2. Yesterday trying to get a remote client (connected via a VPN) to activate, I used the off line license file creation for the client via the On-line license administrator. Now all clients are reporting an error message cannot connect to server. Nothing was changed on the remote administration server where the clients are configured to connect to. Any ideas?
  3. Does anyone have a good or bad comments or experiences when upgrading both ERA and clients from 4.2 to 6.1? What about the 6.1 Virtual Appliance for ERA? If seen feedback on another site that says the Virtual Appliance is not ready for prime time yet.
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