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  1. This is also something that our company needs.
  2. In ESET Endpoint v5, I'm able to prevent users from disabling or pausing any module without a password. In ESET Endpoint v6, I can prevent users from getting into advanced settings, but they can still pause and disable features without a password. Is that intended? Or is there another way you can lock down the application? Thanks.
  3. Sorry if this is answered already, I've been trying to look for the answer and have come up with nothing so far. We heavily utilize SCCM for our images and software packaging. Currently with ESET Endpoint 5.x we have a SCCM package/application that does a silent install that reads parameters from a config xml file. Is there no way for us to do the same thing with the ERA 6 Agent? I've downloaded the full Agent but I can't find a way to silently install and feed it settings. The LiveAgent won't work because the installer isn't silent and we also don't want to rely on internet access for the program itself. Any advice? Thank you.
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